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Upholstery Cleaning Services in Sacramento

Next to your home itself, your furniture is the biggest investment you’ll make in creating a calm, comfortable setting for you and your family. Because of this, the best way to protect this hefty investment, and to keep it looking as fresh and as wonderful as the day it was delivered, is to have it regularly cleaned. But why is this?

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Because your different pieces of furniture feature different types of fabric and upholstery, it’s important to keep them free of dust, dirt, allergens, and other harmful bacteria. However, each type of fabric requires different approaches to cleaning, so that you can return them to their original luster, and perhaps even pass them on to your children one day.

Instead of taking on the task of cleaning your expensive furniture yourself, put Legacy’s years of upholstery cleaning Sacramento experience to work for you. We offer a wide variety of upholstery cleaning services that are sure to leave you with refreshed, reinvigorated furniture.

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Self-Cleaning vs. Professional Upholstery Cleaning

While it’s true that some upholstery cleaning Sacramento can be completed by you, the reality is that with so many different types of fabric on your various pieces of furniture, it can be difficult to know which options are best, and which could potentially cause damage. However, if you decide to go the self-cleaning route, be sure to check each piece of furniture’s upholstery tag, which should provide detailed information on how each should be cleaned.

With this said, keep in mind that some fabrics may be resistant to standard cleaning methods, and will only be adequately cleaned after special chemicals have been applied, which may only be available through a professional Sacramento upholstery cleaner like Legacy. However, many of these chemicals are quite toxic, and should not be considered safe for DIY upholstery cleaning. In fact, certain chemicals contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are only safe for your family and beloved pets after they have dried. Otherwise, these upholstery cleaning chemicals can cause Sacramento Cleaning Service style=(sometimes severe) respiratory problems. Instead, count on the expert staff at Legacy Cleaning Services to handle all aspects of your upholstery cleaning, while keeping you and your loved ones safe.

In fact, if you prefer, we can use green, environmentally friendly solutions that are not only better for the environment, but also for you and your loved ones. Before we even begin, we’ll apply a solution to an area of your furniture to double check for shrinkage and colorfastness, in order to prevent any of your furniture from being damaged.

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Finally, consider the fact that, even if you do decide to clean your own upholstery, most professional cleaners utilize special tools that not only allow us to reach all the nooks and crannies in your furniture, but also to clean more effectively. Unfortunately for self-cleaners, these tools are often expensive, which can quickly add up and make the process cost-ineffective for you.

When it comes down to it, between the different fabrics in hour upholstery, the expensive tools involved, and the toxic nature of many of the chemicals used, it makes much more sense—and ultimately saves you more money—to hire a professional Sacramento upholstery cleaning service like Legacy.

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Within the Sacramento Area, Legacy has a well-earned reputation for offering the best upholstery cleaning Sacramento services around, because we focus on results and 100% customer satisfaction. When you want to keep your upholstered furniture looking its best for as long as possible, you need Legacy’s tried and true upholstery cleaning services!