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Post Construction Cleaning Sacramento

Our goal is to make sure your new home looks its best, and we specialize in providing outstanding value while doing it. Whether we’re dusting surfaces, removing paint overspray, or oiling your wood cabinets and stair handrails, we deliver each and every time. We work with contractors of all specialties to ensure that your post construction site is sparkling clean. We also work with homeowners who have built or renovated their home to ensure that the grand entrance you make is one where you can truly enjoy what you’ve built.

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Experience the Legacy Difference

Our post construction cleanup for homes in Sacramento consists of three phases. Although most of our work can be completed in as little as one day, we take great care in ensuring that even the smallest details are tended to, so that all you have to do is relax. Imagine how great it will feel to walk in the door of your new home and settle down in your favorite chair, free from worrying about how you’re going to clean up all that sawdust and building materials.

And don’t forget! We work with home builders, general contractors and homeowners who want a deep, detailed clean of their home after construction work has been done. Whether it’s completely new construction, building on an addition such as a garage or other rooms, or you’re moving into a new home and want to make sure everything is flawless – we can help.

Sacramento Post-Construction Cleaning Phase 1 – After cabinets and wood trim installation:

When kitchen cabinets and wood trim are installed, it can leave a mess of saw dust and chips on your floors and in hard to reach cracks and crevices.  In many cases, sweeping alone isn’t enough.  Other building materials like sheetrock can leave a fine powder over your floors and large chunks of debris could make for tripping or falling hazards.  In our first phase, we take the time to clean the area thoroughly by doing the following:

  • Sweep floors and remove debris in preparation for painting.
  • For all glass doors, we’ll provide a clear line between frames and sheetrock.
  • All construction debris will be moved to a centralized area for smooth, simple pickup.

By putting all of the material in a central area, we provide a much cleaner, safer condition in the home, while ensuring that the construction and design crew have easy access to the things they need to complete the job on time. After this point, it’s on to the second phase, which is a much broader and more involved clean up system. Our second phase includes many more features such as cleaning the hearth/fireplace, cleaning appliances and much more.

We understand it’s the little things that let you truly relax and enjoy peace of mind with your Sacramento post construction cleanup. That’s why once the major clean up work is done, we move into our second phase, which includes a large checklist of detailed cleaning work. 

Sacramento Post Construction Cleaning Phase 2 – After interior debris has been removed, as well as all punch list items have been completed

For the second stage, our focus is much larger and encompasses more than just kitchen/dining areas. Many post construction cleaning services will eagerly dust your floors and clean up appliances, but will they oil handles and fixtures? Will they dust light fixtures? Will they clean tracks to prevent dirt and grime from building up in common areas like windows and sliding glass doors?  At Legacy Cleaning, we handle all of these things and more.

  • Dust and remove debris.
  • Doors, handrails, trim, drawers, and interior cabinets will be oiled.
  • Clean bathrooms, including tubs, showers, furniture, and fixtures.
  • Clean kitchen, including appliances, fixtures, and furniture.
  • Clean and dust light fixtures, which includes removing manufacturer’s tags and stickers.
  • If a fireplace is present, we’ll clean the hearth, firebox, and other fixtures.
  • Spotlessly clean all glass surfaces, including windows and sliding glass doors. This includes cleaning tracks to prevent chipped and scratched glass.
  • Address other miscellaneous surfaces, including HVAC return air and vents, handrails, caps, door trim, and casings.
  • Finally, we’ll hose down and sweep off exterior concrete surfaces, including the garage, driveway, porch, and walkway.
Sacramento Cleaning Service

We make sure to address all of the key areas where dust, dirt and buildup can affect the beauty and safety of the home. We also understand that each home is unique and therefore each cleaning process should be designed around the home to maximize its shine, luster and cleanliness.  New home construction in Sacramento can become particularly dusty after flooring and carpeting is installed.  In addition, during the third phase of our cleaning process, we also take great care with appliances to make them look absolutely spotless.

As you can see, it’s the little things that make a big impression, and that’s the kind of impression we want to create for you, your guests, and in the case of contractors, your clients. But even after these detailed cleanings are done, we’re still not finished.  Our third phase will cover things that often get overlooked, like appliance tags and stickers as well as scrap removal and touch-ups to prepare before you conduct your final walkthrough.

Sacramento Post Construction Cleaning Phase 3 – After vinyl and carpet flooring installation, in addition to appliances

The third phase involves a solid cleaning of carpets and hard flooring areas, as well as removing stickers and tags from appliances. This is kind of like wearing clothing tags without realizing it – you want people to know you’ve got new things – but not so new that you forgot to take the tags off!  We have a considerable checklist of items (which you are welcome to add to or remove from according to your needs) that lets us make sure everything is done and ready for your final inspection before you hand over the keys.

    • Vacuum carpet and remove scraps, except for large pieces, which will be left in a closet for possible reuse.
    • Sweep and mop all hard flooring surfaces.
    • Clean and remove all stickers and tags from kitchen appliances. If any paperwork (e.g. manuals, warranty cards, etc.) is found inside, these will be left with the homebuilder.
    • Touchup any necessary areas and then prepare for final walkthrough.

The good thing about doing business with Legacy is that, while our post construction cleaning Sacramento process has been honed through years of experience, it’s fully customizable based on your specific needs. In other words, we can work within your budget to provide you with a cleaning solution that will knock the socks off of any prospective buyers who walk through your door. Let us know what you need, and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.

As a homebuilder, when it comes down to it, you already have enough items on your to-do list, and you shouldn’t have to worry about losing a sale because of a messy home. Instead, contact Legacy Cleaning Services today and we’ll provide you with a FREE, no-obligation post construction cleaning quote.

Post Construction Cleanup in Sacramento

The best post construction cleaning in Sacramento is the kind you don’t even have to think about – it’s simply done.  Done to your specifications and done right every time. Oftentimes, with post construction cleanup, you have to hire help with specific expertise in a wide range of industries – someone who specializes in cleaning windows, or someone who deep cleans carpeting or flooring.  When you work with Legacy Cleaning Solutions – you get everything in one! We bring all of our own equipment when necessary to ensure minimal wear and tear.  The end result is a flawless, spotlessly clean home that you’ll be proud to show off!

The Right Service at the Right Time, for the Right Price

Sacramento Cleaning Service

New home construction doesn’t have to mean endless headaches. It also doesn’t have to mean juggling countless responsibilities on top of the construction work and supervision you’re already involved in.  Great service means dependable people – and no one is more dependable or responsible than the professional post construction Sacramento cleanup experts at Legacy. From the moment you call us, we’ll work with you according to your schedule and needs while providing a custom, inclusive quote that incorporates any and all of our exclusive three phase deep cleaning processes.

Just imagine how great the finished product will look, when you can finally stand back and let the customer set foot in their new home, on sparkling clean floors – meticulously swept and mopped to perfection.  Watch as they walk across soft, sanitary carpeting, admiring the cabinetry work and trim.  Not a speck of dust in sight!

And as for fingerprints or smudges on the appliances? Not a chance!  Everything is cleaned to perfection – even hard to reach areas like door and window tracks. It may seem small and insignificant but to a homeowner, having a fresh, clean home to walk into that’s all their own can mean the world!

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If you’re ready to take the next step toward making a house a home, contact the professionals at Legacy Cleaning. Our friendly, helpful experts will work with you to choose a time and location that works with your schedule. We’ll then get right to work, cleaning as per your requests. And if you have any questions at any time, just ask!  We’re here to help or clarify anything you need.

Whether you want to book a cleaning service or simply want more information, you can trust the Sacramento post construction cleanup professionals at Legacy Cleaning. Our dependability and attention to detail is second to none, and when you feel like you’re working with a team of true professionals, everything else just seems to fall into place so easily!

Ready to learn more? Simply give us a call or fill out the no obligation quote form and tell us more about the work you need done. Our polite, courteous representatives will work with you to ensure everything is done to your complete satisfaction.  And we’re certain that once you try Legacy Cleaning for your Sacramento post construction clean up needs, you’ll be delighted to tell your friends and associates about us too!

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