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Post Construction Cleaning done Right!
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Post Construction Cleaning Foothill Farms, CA 95841

Enjoy Your New Space In Foothill Farms, CA

With Our Post Construction Cleaning Services!

Construction and renovations are messy! Demolition and installation are standard processes of construction projects, but they are messy resulting in waste and an outcome that differs from what’s envisioned. Before taking over the possession, it’s essential to do construction site cleaning after remodeling is complete.

dust and debris isn’t the only thing to worry about during construction cleanup. Polishing new flooring and walls, cleaning windows, and dealing with safety hazards like loose cables and leakages, and disposal of dangerous items are all part of the job. Post-construction cleanup is like editing a novel. It’s the last thing to be done, but it makes all the difference.

Hiring a professional post-renovation cleaning service is the final step in transforming your building site into a comfortable living space in Sacramento County.

The services offered by our post-construction cleanup company, Legacy Cleaning Services, LLC, are comprehensive, detailed, and split into multiple phases to ensure that your newly renovated or constructed building is spotless in Foothill Farms, CA.

At the end of the construction, we work directly with your contractors for construction site cleaning, ensuring that your area is clean and ready for occupancy.

What Can You Expect From Our Post Construction Cleaning?

Post-renovation cleaning services provided by Legacy Cleaning Services, LLC in Sacramento County preserve the quality of unfinished materials while preparing the space for new furnishings and decorations. Our post-construction cleaning involves the following tasks:

1) Cleaning External Surface To Remove Dust, Dirt, And Scuffs

Protecting your flooring and walls during construction is essential to avoid further damage. Deep cleaning with non-hazardous chemicals is something our construction cleanup company can take care of. We take great care to avoid scratching and damaging surfaces while thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting them.

2) Cleaning & Polishing Home Equipment

Surfaces of newly installed appliances and fixtures are vulnerable to dirt and dust. Our workers you hire for construction clean-up service are experts at protecting your brand-new appliances from discoloration.

3) Sanitizing Baseboards, Trim, & Door Frames

Baseboards, trim, and doorframes that have been painted, stained, or lacquered are vulnerable after construction is completed. We clear the trash area without damaging new paint or stain. Our construction cleanup company has got you covered whenever you are looking for construction site cleaning.

4) Cleaning Ceramic Surfaces

Concrete and grout left on tile or brick after completion of the masonry work contribute to an untidy appearance. Our crew responsible for house cleaning after the renovation has years of experience efficiently cleaning surfaces of varying textures.

5) Cleaning Interiors Of Cabinets, Drawers, And Closets

Our mission is to leave your newly refurbished room spotless and ready for use. The interiors of cabinets, drawers, and closets need to be cleaned to remove accumulated dust and filth. Our thorough construction site cleaning procedure includes wiping off every nook and cranny, including those out of sight in Sacramento County.

6) Vacuuming Upholstery

All your belongings are moved out of the room during significant renovations. When doing minor renovations, your furniture can stay where it is covered with a tarp. Particulate matter floats and settles on your expensive textile and furniture.

We carefully vacuum the area around the building site to remove any dust or dirt that may have settled on the furniture. We can also eliminate dust from surfaces and clean beneath the furniture and in other hard-to-reach places as we have the right tools.

Hire Post Construction Cleaning Services To Move In Your Building ASAP!

Legacy Cleaning Services, LLC, our house cleaning after-renovation company in Foothill Farms, CA, is committed to making your new space comfortable.

Post Construction Cleaning in Foothill Farms, CA

Our staff coordinates with local contractors to guarantee your schedule and deadlines are met. We vacuum, dust, and wipe the areas with eco-friendly materials.

Legacy Cleaning Services, LLC offers cleaning and maintenance services for complex projects in Foothill Farms, CA. For more information on our post-renovation cleaning services, please call us on 916-571-2236 immediately.

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