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At Legacy Cleaning Services, our professional, effective cleaning solutions have helped us to grow into one of the most sought after commercial cleaning companies in Sacramento. We’re highly esteemed not only for our custom office cleaning solutions, but for our highly competitive rates as well.  Our comprehensive cleaning services range from simple vacuuming of carpets and mopping of hard surfaces to bathroom cleaning and specialty cleaning including the cleaning of office furniture and computers.

With Legacy Cleaning Services You’ll Have One Less Thing to Worry About

Even if you’ve put off hiring a professional office cleaning company thinking you could do it yourself, there are certain areas that are often overlooked. Read the raving reviews from offices large and small on well-known sites like Angie’s List and you’ll see that Legacy Cleaning is head and shoulders above the rest. At Legacy, we understand that you need detailed, attentive and friendly service that will make your office shine – not just for prospective customers but for your employees as well.  Here are just a few of the many different commercial cleaning services we offer.

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Office Cleaning Sacramento

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It is often said that you should work as you pray – with total concentration. We at cleaning legacy understand that when you work you need to be in it completely and at the same time you need your surroundings to be mess free and sparkling to help you stay focused. Let our office cleaning services do all the dirty work for you while you just think about your next project or job that you need to finish.

Cleaning Legacy is one of the most trusted names for office cleaning Sacramento services and we are known for our professional Deep Cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, paint treatment, Floor enhancement as well as furniture enhancement services for commercial establishments. We work with the best products and all our cleaning solutions are based on industry insight, technology and customization. The cleaning legacy team knows their job from inside out and use high grade cleaning products as well as tools to deeply clean environments for optimal results.

Our team at Cleaning Legacy works with one and one aim only- 100% customer satisfaction and that is why we are 100% committed on making your surroundings healthier, happier and cleaner. We provide you with customized cleaning solutions for your office or commercial spaces that are a perfect fusion of technology and industry insight. When you choose our office cleaning services we promise to restore as well as revive the look and shine of your premises. We work hard and make sure that when you choose us, we not only give you services that make your place more hygienic but also fill your people with fresh energy of pride and productivity so that they can work with better focus.

We do not just do our jobs- we love what we do and always strive to be better than our best

Cleaning Legacy – Providing you Customized Solutions

Our team believes that every office is different and this is why needs unique cleaning solutions. Our approach to every project is completely client-centric and that means we start our work with an in-depth audit of your premises and then come up with a maintenance plan that is perfect for you.

Contact us at 916-571-2236 today or schedule a cleaning session directly online at your convenience. Choose the number of hours or consult with us on how much you may need. We’re ready to help you make your house feel like home!

When You Need Quality Sacramento Office Cleaning, You Need Legacy

From every aspect of our business, Legacy is intently focused on quality. When it comes to our employees, we perform a thorough background investigation on each and every commercial cleaning expert we hire, and then submit them to a comprehensive skills test. After all, because our goal is to provide you with the most outstanding office cleaning Sacramento and janitorial services in Sacramento, we’re committed to making sure that each of our employees is up to the task.

We also handle specialty office cleaning services including the cleaning of computer keyboards (which can harbor millions and millions of bacteria) as well as office furniture.  For example, did you know that your computer mouse harbors three times more bacteria than a public toilet seat?  Gross, right?  That’s why you need more than just a handful of dust wipes and a quick vacuuming.  You need Legacy.

On top of this, we offer complete flexibility in order to better meet your needs. As such, we can provide our office cleaning services on a contractual or single-visit basis, and on daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, or yearly visits. Because of this flexibility, as well as our punctuality, Legacy’s clients understand our commitment to quality with everything we do, which is why they keep coming back to us time and time again. In fact, our 100% client satisfaction rating speaks volumes about the level of quality you can expect with our Sacramento commercial cleaning services. What’s more, because we’re a family owned and operated business, you can rest assured that the owner is only a phone call away should any problems arise throughout the process.

We understand your drive to keep your office clean, sparkling and a welcoming place to do business – and we’ll do everything we can to make that impression a positive one.

Sacramento All-Inclusive Office Cleaning Solutions

Whether you’re looking for vacuuming, dusting, mopping, sanitization, stain removal, or all of the above, Legacy is your one stop for your all-inclusive office cleaning Sacramento solutions. Why? Because we use a variety of diverse cleaning methods intended to make every part of your business sparkle, in addition to leading-edge cleaning equipment that provides big results in very little time.  

Enjoy prompt, friendly, dedicated office cleaning no matter what size your office is.  Whether you’re a small business or a large corporate office, we can keep your place looking absolutely spotless. What’s more, depending on the service you need, we can use gentle (yet efficient) chemical cleansers or a more environmentally friendly touch.  Our industrial-strength cleaners get down deep where dirt and debris can hide, and make even the grimiest areas look clean, smell fresh, and feel like new. 

Our more environmentally friendly products do an outstanding job of cleaning, but without the artificial scents or the concern of dangers to the water or soil.  Many of them use natural, biodegradable ingredients so you can feel comfortable and confident that you’re getting a deep clean that’s also green.  With ingredients like natural oils and extracts, you get all the cleaning benefits of Mother Nature but without the irritants that can aggravate allergies and sensitivities.

Can a Clean Office Increase Your Productivity?

You may be surprised to know that office desks can have as many as 400 times the number of germs on them as a bathroom toilet. That’s disgusting!  And what’s more, those germs can add up – costing the average U.S. worker as many as seven sick days per year.  A routine, full service office cleaning program can help eliminate many of these germs while treating workers to a cleaner, more sanitary working environment – in turn boosting their productivity.

Let’s face it, a dirty office can be a distraction for workers.  Plus, it reflects poorly on your company to have employees working in less than sanitary conditions.  If customers see that your work area is unusually dirty and unkempt, how do you think they’ll feel about how you treat them?  Even if nothing could be further from the truth, impressions are rock solid.  As you can see, an impression is formed immediately when a customer walks through your door. From the boardroom to the bathroom, every inch of your office space should be spotless, and at Legacy Cleaning – we intend to make (and keep!) it that way.

A Wide Range of Cleaning Services for Every Need

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Our routine cleaning services are about more than just running the vacuum and emptying the office trash.  Of course, we do those things too – but we’ll also wash your wastebaskets if necessary, vacuum and deep steam clean the carpeted floors, sweep and mop hardwood floors with a wood-safe disinfectant and much more.

We also dust and disinfect all surface areas to help prevent the build-up and spread of germs that can cause illness. We’ll deep clean and treat spots and stains where necessary, to help keep your floors looking new.  Even if you’ve tried cleaning stained areas before without success, our commercial strength and environmentally friendly cleaners can often break down the enzymes that cause built-in stains to set, leaving your floors absolutely sparkling.

And our services don’t just end at the office itself.  We’ll tackle the little things by cleaning off fingerprints and smudges from door handles, light switches and other areas that can act as a haven for germs. Honestly, when was the last time you had those door handles cleaned?  If things like brass hardware are starting to look dim and dingy, we’ll polish them to make them shine. It’s the little things like this that can make a big impression on clients and bosses – and we want every impression you make to be a positive one.

And let’s not forget the office bathrooms.  Cleaning and disinfecting toilets and urinals is just one of the many cleaning jobs we handle.  We’ll also stock toilet tissue and hand towels as well as soap and sanitizer while mopping and disinfecting bathroom and kitchen floors.  Should you decide to choose Legacy Cleaning Services for ongoing routine commercial office cleaning in Sacramento, you’ll also notice that we take the time to clean other areas that many office cleaning companies miss.

For example, we can buff hardwood floors to keep them looking great – even after years of use and abuse. We’ll also clean your windows to help let in natural light and prevent the built up of dirt and grime. Every month, we’ll vacuum vents and chairs to help prevent an accumulation of dust or pollen which can lead to allergies or asthma.  And it’s all done in the name of well-being for your employees and your customers.   Many times, the companies that rely on our Sacramento office cleaning services remark how much better things look and how much better their employees feel. Better productivity, less sick days, and overall improved well being – what’s not to like?

An Office Cleaning Service You Can Rely On

Consider our Sacramento office cleaning services like reliable friends or family – you can count on us anytime to help with all your commercial cleaning needs.  Need something special done? We even offer specialty cleaning services for when your office needs a little extra TLC after that holiday party or that multi-department conference. We understand.  Business doesn’t slow down, so why should your cleaning service?  You’ll find that at Legacy Cleaning Services, we’re not just your commercial cleaning company – we’re your ally.

Not sure if we can clean certain things? We welcome your questions! Tell us about your cleaning needs – in particular if you’re in an industry that needs special attention like a medical or educational facility. We take great care to ensure that all of the cleaning that we do is designed to disinfect surfaces and we keep health as our number one priority.

Count on us to be prompt, cheerful, friendly and committed to ensuring your office looks, smells and feels clean. Go ahead, take a deep breath and let nature contribute to a more environmentally conscious result. Whether you need day or evening cleaning solutions, you can rely on us to be there as promised.  Our work is unparalleled and our pricing is unbeatable.  The value you get is simply not to be outdone, and after just one visit, you’ll see just why thousands of business owners in Sacramento and surrounding areas have chosen Legacy Cleaning solutions for our dedication to your complete satisfaction.  Trust in our skilled professionals to clean all the things that lesser cleaning companies leave behind.   And when you need more than routine cleaning, our specialty services can help your office look its best.

Specialty Cleaning?

If you need commercial cleaning in Sacramento, but have questions about what can be cleaned and how often, you’ll be glad to know that our Sacramento commercial cleaning services can adapt to fit your needs. We work with medical clinics, educational facilities and much, much more – cleaning specialized equipment, computers, multi-surface areas and much more. Tell us about your needs and we’ll give you a custom, affordable quote.

Ready to learn more? Call Legacy today and ask about our comprehensive Sacramento cleaning services today!