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Do You Daydream About a Professionally Clean Home?

If so, your clean home dreams have finally become a reality. No longer will you have to mop floors, vacuum carpets, dust all your surfaces, or sanitize every area of your home. Instead, you’ll just be responsible for the “normal” everyday tasks such as cleaning up after cooking and bathing. Other than this, we’ve got you covered, because through our Sacramento residential cleaning service, we show the same care and attention to detail that we do with our own homes.

Sacramento Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Sacramento

Your home is your palace and you treat it with love. We understand that and we also know that your busy schedule does not allow you to give it the time and attention it requires. This is why Cleaning Legacy is here to help and provide your house the attention and care it deserves. Leave your cleaning, vacuuming and mopping woes to us and you just unwind and relax. When you have the best Sacramento house cleaning services on your side, an immaculate house is guaranteed

Forget about mopping floors, vacuuming carpets or sanitizing the surfaces of your house because Cleaning Legacy has you covered. We treat our clients as our family and this extends to our services- we deal with your house and show it the same care and attention to detail that we do with our own homes.

Your house is your haven and the place you are truly comfortable – and this is why you like to keep it clean and healthy. A clean house does not just make you happy and if we are being completely frank also works as a mirror through which people judge you as well. A clean and tidy home will leave your visitors with a good and lasting impression of you but house cleaning is not an easy task and something that is quite impossible for a working individual or even a stay at home member with commitments like small children.

This is where we come in handy – Cleaning Legacy is all about house cleaning and uses the best cleansing chemicals and techniques to maintain the actual shine and look of your floor, wooden items, ceramic, marbles, etc. We leave your house sparkling and you with a smile. Out cleaning team is the best in Sacramento that understands its job. We perform methodically and therefore leave your home with health and longevity. Moreover, our services are available to you at some of the most affordable prices in the area.

Contact us at 916-571-2236 today or schedule a cleaning session directly online at your convenience. Choose the number of hours or consult with us on how much you may need. We’re ready to help you make your house feel like home!

At Legacy Cleaning Services, we understand that your home is your castle. It’s where you go to relax, unwind and spend time with loved ones. The last thing you want to think about is dusting, mopping or vacuuming – with the Sacramento house cleaning pros on your side, everything looks immaculate – guaranteed.

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As said before, your home is your castle; howsoever, keeping it clean is essential for various other reasons. There is no single person who does not like to live in a clean and healthy home. A clean home is indeed very welcoming and provides ease and comfort to the people living in it. Also, a clean home brings a huge smile on your face. Moreover, it is quite a fact that your visitors (family and friends) judge you on the way you maintain your home; no doubt, a neat and tidy home gives a good and long-lasting impression of you.
But, house cleaning Sacramentois not an easy task; it demands core professionalism and dedication which you will definitely get with Legacy Cleaning Services. We use right cleansing chemicals and techniques to maintain the actual shine and look of your floor, wooden items, ceramic, marbles, etc. Plus, we have experienced team that understands its job, thus performs methodically.So, bless your home with longevity and choose Legacy Cleaning Services for a clean and healthy stay.

Save time and money with Sacramento House Cleaning services

When you choose a reputable and liable name for house cleaning Sacramento, you choose to save yourself some extra money and time. How? When it comes to money, it is because (a) professional services are now available at affordable prices, (b) with professional services you will not require to buy any cleansing chemicals or tools to clean the house. And when skilled team is cleaning your home even those “hard-to-reach” areas, you automatically save time. With Legacy Cleaning Services, you are guaranteed to save both – time and money.

No matter, you have a big mansion or a duplex; we are here to take your cleaning worries away. With value for money and quality assurance services, we make your home clean and shine spotlessly. All you need to do is tell what you want; rest will be handled by us while you can relax on your couch peacefully. The experts divide their jobs accordingly and accomplish the task within the given period of time. Here, you need to understand that when you call professional cleaning services you may have to provide access of private areas of your home; however it completely depends on the work you want to be done.

When compared cleaning your home yourself and professional cleaning services, the latter one can certainly saves you time and money.

House Cleaning Sacramento

With this said, you should know that not all residential cleaning companies put the same amount of emphasis on professionalism as Legacy Cleaning Services. As a result, we highly recommend investigating any Sacramento house cleaning company you’re thinking of hiring through websites, online forums, or even from the company’s past clients. In this industry reputation is everything, which can help you quickly decide which service provider has the best record.

Reviews truly do speak for themselves, which is why we’re proud to feature testimonials from our house cleaning Sacramento clients right here in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Homeowners from every area of the city trust Legacy Cleaning Services for our impeccable attention to detail, our reputable, hard-working employees and our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

Your One Source for All Sacramento Residential Cleaning Services

Cleaning the visible areas of your home is one thing, but how about cleaning many of the hard-to-reach areas, such as under your refrigerator and other appliances, on top of cabinets and behind toilets, bathroom and kitchen tiles, and more? Let’s face it, those areas probably haven’t seen the shine from a mom or the touch of a cloth since you moved in, right?

We understand, and we’re ready to “do the dirty work”. At Legacy Cleaning Services, our Sacramento home cleaning experts aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and make sure your home is perfectly spotless. Pet hair, cookie crumbs, spills, mud and other stuff from everyday life are no match for our professionals. Legacy Cleaning’s unique residential cleaning methods can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your home, which allows us to clean even the trickiest of areas, including baseboards, doorknobs, window screens—you name it, we can clean it. What’s more, all these services come at no extra charge, and are already included in your Sacramento residential cleaning service estimate!

So go ahead – take a peek under your refrigerator or run your finger along those baseboards or blinds. Not a trace of dirt or dust to be found! That’s the kind of attention to detail you can expect when choosing Legacy as your Sacramento home cleaning experts.

What Areas of My Sacramento Home Will You Clean?

Sacramento Cleaning Service

Some home cleaning services in Sacramento will tell you that they clean everywhere – but what they really mean is that they clean everywhere except the bathroom, the kitchen, the kids’ playroom, and so on. At Legacy Cleaning Services, we truly do clean each and every area of the home to spotless perfection.

Our years of experience and our commitment to choosing the finest cleaning products means we have the know-how and the expertise to make your home truly shine. Whether you’re embarrassed by spills or stains on the carpet, tumbleweeds of pet hair on your wood floors, or a blanket of dust on your cabinets, let our professional Sacramento home cleaners treat your home to the pinnacle of cleanliness.

We get it. Life happens when you’re busy making other plans (or when you’re stuck in traffic from the long Sacramento commute). Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel coming home to a perfectly clean home that’s cozy, inviting and ready to whisk your worries away.

How Much Does it Cost?

You’ll be glad to know that Legacy Home Cleaning Services has a variety of affordable prices to suit your needs and budget:

I’m Hosting an Event/Party/Gathering at My Sacramento Home – Can Legacy Help Me?

When you’re hosting a big event or a holiday party, the last thing you want on your mind is dirt, dust and spills. The truth is, people secretly judge your ability to be a good host or hostess based on the cleanliness of your home. And believe us, they are looking.

We understand that you’re busy managing the rest of the party, so why not leave the cleaning to us? Whether you want your home to look its best before or after the event (or both!), trust in our XX years of experience in cleaning Sacramento homes of all sizes to make sure your social gathering is flawless. And although we’ll leave your floors so clean you could eat off them, we hope you won’t take us up on that challenge!

Whether you need four hours of go-at-it cleaning to touch up those hidden areas of the home that accumulate dirt and grime, or you need a powerful 18 hours of cleaning to turn a home from sorry to spotless – consider it our pleasure to help you make your home look the way you know it can.

I Need Regular, Ongoing Home Cleaning Services – Can Legacy Help Me?

Many of our customers work odd hours or are away from home often, and the last thing they want to do is come home to a dirty floor or try running the vacuum at 3:00 in the morning. If that sounds like you, we know just what to do! We offer convenient subscription plans featuring ongoing house cleaning services for Sacramento residents and homeowners in surrounding areas.

We can come to your home each week, every two or three weeks, once a month or create a custom plan that’s just right for your schedule and your lifestyle. And you’ll always enjoy clean, consistent and prompt service – because that’s what legacies are built on!

Legacy Cleaning Services – Because You Have Other Things to Do Besides Clean!

Let’s face it, the weather in Sacramento is beautiful – and we think you should be out enjoying it – not worrying about all the things you have to clean when you get home. Our ongoing home cleaning service ensures that your house is spotless, and that you can come home, relax and enjoy the city life – without the dirt and grime.

Treat Your Home to the Very Best!

Our home cleaning professionals understand that the last thing you want to be met with when you walk through the door is the smell of ammonia or bleach. Let’s face it, that stuff will take your breath away! We use a variety of freshly scented, environmentally friendly products that will leave your home sterilized and smelling great! Our cleaning products sterilize and protect your flooring and furniture, while being safe around children and pets.

Plus, even if you’ve tried everything to get rid of built-up grime, sticky floors, set in stains and other issues that can blemish a home, you can feel confident that our experts will handle it with the very best of care, so that the end result is nothing short of a miracle!

Prompt Appointments = Happy Customers

Sacramento Cleaning Service

One of the biggest reasons to consider a home cleaning service in Sacramento is the sheer convenience of it. We get it. You’re stuck in traffic or you’d rather be outside at the dog park or chatting with friends at that hot new restaurant. That’s why we take great care to ensure that each and every customer is treated like a VIP.

We carefully book appointments to help give you and your home the attention they deserve while being mindful of your schedule and your family’s needs. Neat freak? No problem. Picky about details? Consider it done. Our home cleaning specialists understand you have unique needs and a busy life. That’s why we work hard to be personable, fun, engaging and fully invested in the care and maintenance of your home’s cleanliness.

Trust in our team for prompt appointments, convenient hourly cleaning “blocks” and service that’s sure to make you smile! We welcome you to get to know your “clean team” members and ask us any questions you may have or make special arrangements for your cleaning needs.

Ready to Learn More?

We at Legacy Cleaning Services are ready to make your home cleaning needs a delightful experience you can’t wait to come home to! Check out our reviews on top rated service review sites to see what people all around Sacramento and surrounding areas say about our thoroughness, attention to detail and our customer service!

Don’t forget, we often offer seasonal or pre-payment specials to help you save even more money! Check out the Specials link on our website for more information and see how much you can save!

Not sure how much (or how little) cleaning you need? Want an expert opinion? We can help with that too! Give us a call today and our Sacramento house cleaning experts will come to your home and give you a one on one, thorough and honest evaluation of your home’s cleaning needs. And if you’re feeling a bit neglectful of your home’s upkeep – don’t be embarrassed! This is where we shine!

And as always, there’s absolutely no obligation. We want you to feel comfortable and perfectly at home with our services, whether you use us one a year or once a week. We take our customer’s trust and our reputation as a family-owned, fully licensed, bonded and insured business very seriously. Our strong work ethic and our determination to complete the work to your full satisfaction is what we’re here for. Never hesitate to let us know if we can help or improve in any way. That is what leaving a legacy is about!

Contact us at 916-571-2236 today or schedule a cleaning session directly online at your convenience. Choose the number of hours or consult with us on how much you may need. We’re ready to help you make your house feel like home!

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