“To start, I have been completely satisfied with the services provided by Legacy Cleaning.  What stands out to me the most is (1) their cleaning regimen is very detailed.  No short cuts. No rushing. When the cleaning service is complete, I can trust the work was done completely without the need to go back and inspect.  I appreciate this type of consistency; (2) Paul is very accommodating and flexible with scheduling and hold high standards for professionalism and the quality of service his company provides. I have had no issues with Legacy and see myself continuing to work with them going into future.

So I would recommend, without reservations, Legacy Cleaning to anyone interested in company that provides quality service and holds customer satisfaction as a top priority.




I needed to get my house cleaned from top to bottom to get ready for family gathering. I called Legacy Cleaning Services and spoke with Ollie. I explained that I was looking to get a deep cleaning done at my house that would include blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans ect. Ollie suggested that I get an 18 hour cleaning package to get the job done. I went onto Legacy’s site and purchased the discounted package. The crew came the next day – they were on time, very sweet ladies. As soon as they arrived they got right to work and were working very hard the whole time. I have never seen someone work that hard. They were so thorough – I was more than impressed! The girls did an OUTSTANDING job cleaning my house. They got into every corner and cleaned on top of my cabinets, all the door trims, wiped all the doors, the kitchen and bathrooms were just sparkling after they were done. I absolutely loved how Legacy handled everything from start to finish. They were punctual, professional, hard working, and provided me with excellent customer care. I highly recommend Legacy to all who is looking for the best cleaning service! Thank you LEGACY!! You guys were absolutely amazing! I will be using Legacy’s service on regular basis now on weekly basis.




I recommend the Legacy Cleaning Services whole heartedly! They are very professional as well as thorough. We have had this company do work for us for the past few months; they are a pleasure to work with. They’re always responsive to my calls and fit me into their schedule quickly; I can rely on these people to do good work!




The housekeeper came to my door a few minutes before the appointed hour. She came, went over my expectations of the session, noticed I had some clutter where she expected to clean, and she pointed out that if she put it away I might not be able to find it, but if I put it away, I’d know where it was. She was a hard worker, she cleaned deeply and thoroughly – it was the cleanest my bathrooms have ever been!




We needed cleaning services at our rental house in Davis.  We needed the kitchen and bathrooms and floors cleaned. Anna from Legacy Services showed up right on time.  I simply showed her the areas of the house that needed cleaning and she went to work right away.  She used the appropriate products on all the surfaces she cleaned.  She did an excellent job on everything she touched.  She was easy to work with and requested feedback.  I have nothing but positive comments on my experience with Anna. I will definitely use Legacy Cleaning Services in the future.




They were great! Punctual- cleaned the carpets, and a deep clean for the house. They did a great job on a home that was in desperate need of a deep clean for company coming for Christmas. They did a great job on all accounts. I continued to use them for regular cleaning. Would highly recommend!




I was getting ready to put my house on the market and thought it prudent to give the whole place a thorough cleaning so it would look its best. I keep the house fairly clean, but knew a good scrubbing would do wonders. I hired Legacy to clean everything: floors, appliances, windows, blinds, etc. I asked for a quote for the first cleaning and then subsequent weekly visits until the house sold. I have hired cleaning companies in the past with varied results. Therefore, I was a little wary in choosing a service. Paul was quick to return my message and set up an appointment. His initial visit was very quick and he had a quote to me within the hour. The price for the initial cleaning was reasonable in my mind. The ongoing weekly service seemed a bit high. Knowing I needed to have the work done quickly, Paul was able to schedule the next week. From my own experiences, I have come home on a number of occasions after a cleaning crew has been working and my reaction has been anything from #$%@ to WOW! With Legacy, this was definitely a WOW! Everything was just so immaculate. The stainless appliances looked better than I’ve ever seen them. The windows weren’t just clean; the tracks were clean as well. (I didn’t actually inspect them – I had to meet a contractor at the house while they were working and they had the screens off to scrub the tracks). They cleaned my whole front porch of cobwebs and swept, taking care not to upset the bird nest in the eaves.

In the next few days, I kept noticing that things in cabinets and drawers weren’t quite the way I left them. At first, I thought they were rooting through my drawers until it dawned on me – they had taken everything out of the drawers to clean them! Things in general were moved a bit from normal because they didn’t just clean things as they sat. I planned on bringing them back every week just to spruce up while the house was on the market, but it wasn’t necessary. I had two full price offers the first day. I think the job Legacy did had something to do with that. I would definitely use them again.




The ladies cleaned the total house, floors, appliances, sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers. They vacuumed and scrubbed tile floors. They used the Bona spray mop on the wood floors.  They vacuumed the carpeted areas. They dusted the shelves and furniture and wiped the leather chairs. They cleaned the laundry and kitchen; they cleaned the sinks and wiped the cabinets. When they were done, the house looked sparkling clean!  I would definitely have these ladies back again. They do a thorough cleaning job. I told them what to do and they did that and more. Thanks, Legacy!




We were expecting an out-of-town guest for the weekend and I hadn’t had time to clean my house. I called Legacy Cleaning Services in the afternoon on Thursday to find out if there was any chance of getting someone to come on Friday. The gentleman I spoke to was very courteous and said he had someone available so I scheduled an appointment for the following morning. Anna arrived as scheduled and got right to work. She cleaned both of the bathrooms, the kitchen, master bedroom, living/dining room, and family room. Besides the usual things, she wiped down the baseboards and emptied the trash. Anna did a great job and I will definitely use their services again!