Gutter Cleaning Sacramento

If you’re finding that your Sacramento gutters aren’t flowing as well as they once did, it may be time call Legacy Cleaning Services to inquire about a professional gutter cleaning.

Professional, Affordable Gutter Cleaning

How can accumulated debris in your home’s gutters cause problems?

    • Pine needles, leaves, and other types of dry debris can present a very big fire hazard.
    • Dense debris such as dirt can cause your gutters to drain improperly, resulting in excessive water being dumped onto your foundation, which can lead to slab movement and eventual cracking.
    • Wet debris can cause mold and mildew growth, which can cause health problems for your family once it makes its way inside your home.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

With this in mind, what’s the best way to avoid these problems from occurring in the first place? By counting on the professional gutter cleaning Sacramento services from Legacy Cleaning. We’ve been serving the residents of Sacramento for years, and our professional gutter cleanings represent one of the easiest and least expensive methods of avoiding all the problems that clogged gutters can cause. But how does it work?

Our Process

1First, we’ll begin by hand-removing the majority of the medium and heavy debris from your gutters, including dirt, leaves, and other plant material such as pine needles. At this same time, we’ll thoroughly inspect valleys and other areas where your chimney and roof connect for this same type of material. Throughout the process, any gutter cleaning debris will be placed into buckets and removed from the premises when we leave.

2Once this occurs, we’ll comb these same areas again using a handheld device that blows high-powered air. This allows us to remove any remaining smaller debris from your Sacramento gutters. We’ll also use a garden hose to run water through them, and to makes sure that 100% of the debris is removed, as well as to ensure that water flows properly.

3Finally, if it’s found that water isn’t flowing freely in one or more areas, we’ll locate the blocked section and remove any debris in its path. If this fails to work, our professional gutter cleaning Sacramento crew may disassemble the elbows on one of your gutters, which will be handled with the precision that only comes from years of experience. Afterward, our crew will clean all portions of the job site, leaving it as spotless as when we arrived.

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